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Caryll Rune Effects
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Damage Reduction

{{build.lh1.Physical}} + {{build.lh1.physicalBns}} {{build.lh1.Blood}} + {{build.lh1.BloodBns}} {{build.lh1.Arcane}} + {{build.lh1.ArcaneBns}}
{{build.lh1.Fire}} + {{build.lh1.FireBns}} {{build.lh1.Bolt}} + {{build.lh1.BoltBns}}
Insufficent stats! You need {{build.lh1.strReq}} Str, {{build.lh1.skillReq}} Skill, {{build.lh1.bloodReq}} Bloodtinge, {{build.lh1.arcaneReq}} Arcane
{{build.lh2.Physical}} + {{build.lh2.physicalBns}} {{build.lh2.Blood}} + {{build.lh2.BloodBns}} {{build.lh2.Arcane}} + {{build.lh2.ArcaneBns}}
{{build.lh2.Fire}} + {{build.lh2.FireBns}} {{build.lh2.Bolt}} + {{build.lh2.BoltBns}}
Insufficent stats! You need {{build.lh2.strReq}} Str, {{build.lh2.skillReq}} Skill, {{build.lh2.bloodReq}} Bloodtinge, {{build.lh2.arcaneReq}} Arcane
{{build.rh1.Physical}} + {{build.rh1.physicalBns}} {{build.rh1.Blood}} + {{build.rh1.BloodBns}} {{build.rh1.Arcane}} + {{build.rh1.ArcaneBns}}
{{build.rh1.Fire}} + {{build.rh1.FireBns}} {{build.rh1.Bolt}} + {{build.rh1.BoltBns}}
Insufficent stats! You need {{build.rh1.strReq}} Str, {{build.rh1.skillReq}} Skill, {{build.rh1.bloodReq}} Bloodtinge, {{build.rh1.arcaneReq}} Arcane
{{build.rh2.Physical}} + {{build.rh2.physicalBns}} {{build.rh2.Blood}} + {{build.rh2.BloodBns}} {{build.rh2.Arcane}} + {{build.rh2.ArcaneBns}}
{{build.rh2.Fire}} + {{build.rh2.FireBns}} {{build.rh2.Bolt}} + {{build.rh2.BoltBns}}
Insufficent stats! You need {{build.rh2.strReq}} Str, {{build.rh2.skillReq}} Skill, {{build.rh2.bloodReq}} Bloodtinge, {{build.rh2.arcaneReq}} Arcane
Rune #1
Rune #2
Rune #3
Oath Rune

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Notes from author

*OK remade again, probably an orphaned pthumerian in cainhurst that was taken captive by Executionners for having an affinity to arcane, then etc. described her again here : Had other level versions. Originally bl48 with 40 arc for low level parasite/tools. oath rune might vary (milkweed/hunter) This would be decent enough for the burial blade, which I can only use on my 49/40 quality atm ///////// ///////// So I'm going for a more active sentiment of estrangement. ~Dissociated into a reclusive mindspace or fleeing the sense of home/belonging she finally had and always longed for. Maybe feeling unsettled and put off by it. Which is a nice vibe to have, very different in spirit from my schizoid hermit (str/arc). I'm not sure what I'll keep as canon for the setting I had given her. Copy pasting a bit : Basically she was born within the church and was found to have a curious affinity to arcane items/forces. And so was thrown around in different echelons of the church for awhile, but found comfort within the choir. I always picture the choir like in all those japanese fan arts, all jolly and merry with the odd kin babbies. So that was finally cozy for her. It's nebulous what happened, but she's grown more distant and visibly changed, to look like some pthumerian zombie, or some say a coral-like creature. She's been continuously messing with mediums of arcane forces and maybe a trauma just caused some sort of loose switch. But is she afraid to lose what she gained from all these changes? Is she unsure of the response - or just utterly confused? Is she just not wanting to belong anymore, so that something starts feeling normal? Maybe it's just a dissociated state she has for functioning by herself. Or has she changed more essentially? She has a loose understanding on what she clings to at least. She's some sort of very independent church huntress nowadays, unconventional attire too.