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Notes from author

The stats you want, in order, are 12 DEX, 16 ATN/11 ADP, 21/20 INT/FTH, 15 STR, 20/20/20 ATN/VGR/END, INT/FTH to 30/30, VGR to 50, higher ATN and END to taste. Start as Sorcerer and buy the Rapier from Lenigrast, then once you have 15 STR and the Bracing Knuckle Ring from Lost Bastille, come back and farm the Old Knight Hammer from Heide’s Tower. Use it two handed to clear areas, and use the rapier to DPS bosses and other enemies that the hammer can’t pancake, or if your hammer durability gets too low. Get the Repair spell from Shaded Ruins as soon as you can spare the Branches. Get the hexer kit from Felkin (Beginning of Huntsman’s Copse, Licia can help you open the rotunda path near Majula), infuse your weapons with Lightning and your Sunset staff with Dark ASAP (find the necessary stones from crystal lizards in shaded ruins and on the way down to the gutter, smooth/silky trades, and Targray in Heide’s Tower, provided you can get a token of fidelity from co op or huntsman’s copse) and stack the Dark Weapon buff on top of the Lightning infusion to deal incredible amounts of melee damage while still having plenty of levels for casting. Beyond the obvious Dark Orb, your other bread and butter spells will be Dark Fog (poison at long range abd through walks with Binoculars) and Yearn (excellent if situational crowd control). At midgame when you get access to the dlc area within the Shrine of Winter you can farm an Ice Rapier, a direct upgrade to your Rapier. I would probably do 20 VGR and END before I bump ATN to 20, and then after I got 30/30 INT/FTH, I’d get ATN to 30 and ADP to 16 for 99 AGL before cranking VGR to 50