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Notes from author

SL 150 Sorcerer Vigor: 39 Endurance: 20 Vitality: 10 Attunement: 16 Strength: 10 Dexterity: 50 Adaptability: 28 Intelligence: 16 Faith: 14 LH1: Blossom Kite Shield LH2: Bare Fists LH3: Bare Fists RH1: Sorcerer's Staff RH2: Rapier RH3: Bare Fists Ring 1: Old Leo Ring Ring 2: Stone Ring Ring 3: Ring of Blades Ring 4: Covetous Silver Serpent Ring 1) Start by Killing moglin (The shop Keeper) to get his armor Tseldora set 2) (Optional) Kill the Trolls in things betweks and forset of giants for the stone Ring 3) get the smiths key from Melentia to get the rapier 4) spend 10k souls on Melentia ((optional) buy Pharros lockstone) to get the +1 Covetous silver Serpent ring to get more souls 5) (optional)use Pharros lockstone in the ambush basment to get the Chloranthy Ring 6) kill the giant so you kill the pursuer to get the ring of blades for more damage 7) unlock the new path to get to dark sorcory by kill the lady or paying her 8) (optional) Kill the old drogon slayer to get his Old Leo Ring (More damage for rapiers) leveling : 1. ADP to 20s (99 AGL) 2. Endurance to 20 (soft cap no need for more) 3. Attunement to 16 and INT and Faith to 16/14 4. DEX to 40 (soft cap) 5. ADP to 30s (105 AGL set for end game) 6. DEX or Str (Whichever raises Weapon Damage) 7. Vigor throughout recommended: (Optional) go sorcier for range getting a bow some enemyes need bows (Optional) get Dragonrider Bow (Optional) get Blossom Kite Shield for stamina regen combonation of 2 youtube builds ## ## ## ##