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Back from retirement in 2016, the BlueBlood Build! * This is not a PVP build since PVP is dead. This will get you through the game solo! * Endurance must be at least 35 because the BB Sword has a kick ass combo at 35 Endurance. Just spam R1, either 1 or 2-handed, to stunlock pretty much anything that lives through it. * You have just enough MP to cast both spells, if you plan on running with light weapon the whole stage, you better stock up on the Spice! * Dark Silver Shield makes you magic spells less powerful, but does not effect Light Weapon. So you are better off sticking to situational spells like Water Veil and Poison Mist when you need them. * If you need extra MP to cast Soul Thirst when farming Wraiths in Shrine of Storms, equip a Silver Circlet, and Silver Catalyst to bump your MP over 200.

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