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This is a repost of ggdoom’s excellent Blueblood Sword build from the DS Wikidot site. All credit goes there. Check it out for a much more detailed breakdown of build and tactics: Here is the cliff notes version: — Any starting class will work; you can check the optimizer if you don’t believe me. — Any armor set w/o a stamina penalty will work. — When in soul form, swap both rings for the Cling Ring and Friend’s/Foe’s Ring, depending on your intentions... — While the 2H combo is amazing, ggdoom recommends initiating combat w/ 1H pokes until you are confident a single 2H combo will kill. For more aggressive players, swap the DSS for a Moon Uchigatana and use the left-hand rolling swipe. — The majority of the damage actually comes from the Light Weapon spell, so Insanity Catalyst is necessary to maximize damage output. Umbasa.

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