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This build is all about 1 thing, and that thing is "Big stick go BONK!" The DBS scales with strength up to a pretty high level, so strength is at 66 so that it becomes the hard cap of 99 when 2-handed. Vit is soft capped at 50 for maximum cushioning. 16 faith and 18 int mean the user can buff themselves with second chance to become near unkillable combined with the 50 Vit, and allows cursed weapon to be cast on the DBS, taking what is already one of the hardest hitting weapons in the game and putting another 50% on top of that. Use of the talisman of beasts at below required stats results in Cursed weapon being just as effective as normal, but with almost no hp loss at 1 point per second instead of 1% per second. Adjudicator's shield and regenerator's ring counteract the small hp loss entirely. To top it all off is the foe's ring stacking antoher 20% damage on during invasions. Regenerator's ring could also be swapped out with great strength ring to wear heavier armor if desired.

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